Today was supposed to be Day 8 of my workout, the start of my Week 2. Unfortunately, I have bad news for me! Our PC monitor is busted! I won't be able to workout to INSANITY! As of today, I have no choice but to postpone my workout program 'til I don't know when, but I hope it's soon! As of the moment, I'm typing this on my brother's phone just so I could update on what's happening. Like I said, daily basis. I guess this means I'll be having a gap due to a technical problem. But once we do something about our PC monitor, I'll jump back in to where I left off. Sorry, but I have stop my workout here first. But will continue to diet. I'll be sure to update you all if I'm back on track. Please don't stop supporting and reading my daily blog journal. Just like what Terminator says, "I'll be back!"