Day 3 was Cardio Power & Resistance workout. Body aches all over and I'm only on my 3rd day! I don't drink any Recovery Formula due to a tight budget. Anyway, about the workout, I had to rest a lot when it came to the jumps and push-ups. My knees and thighs were tight it felt like it was being twisted (almost like good exercise after-cramps) preventing me from doing higher jumps in the hurdle and log jumps. Plus the push-ups! I never was good at doing push-ups. But thanks to Shaun T teaching the proper position and way of doing push-ups made me do my best. But I'm still working on it! By the end of this workout, I was profusely sweating and body was aching. Towel was soaked with sweat and I had to replenish my body with drinking water.

Wow! Only Day 3 and I can say this was the most sweat I had so far! Literally dripping sweat on the floor and body all covered with sweat! I haven't had a hard workout 'till INSANITY! I'd wipe sweat dripping all over my face and drink lots of water in the 30-seconds water break! Rehydrating is a must because you lose a lot of water through sweating!

So this is my Day 3. How was yours? What do you do to ease your body pains aside from any Recovery Formula or like what I do, just let the body heal itself?

Tip: Working out to INSANITY needs to be on a non-slippery floor.

This makes me nervous to see what's up for me on Week 2, and the next weeks to come!