One more sleep then tomorrow is the day! June 1, 2011! The day I restart my INSANITY journey! Oh my! I've done Month 1 before plus Recovery Week. It's Month 2 that I'm worried about just by seeing clips from the workouts! Oh 60 days! This is it! I'm all ready for it! Who's with me? :)

Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 by Manilette Ann Fernandez

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Another good product from Quaker, the leading brand of oatmeal. This product they have come up with now is an oatmeal, but in a drink. They come in a 250g pack like in the photo I've taken above.

It says in the front of the pack:
- 4-in-1 includes Chocolate, Milk, Oats, and Sugar.
- Gives as much:
     - Fiber as a Bowl of Rice


     - Iron as a serving of Spinach

     - Vitamin B6 as a Banana

     - Calcium as a Glass of Milk

Only 95.8 calories in a 25g serving size. Plus, it gives you a Calcium boost of 300g with 0g Cholesterol for a healthy body and a healthy heart.

So far, I've only seen one flavor, which is the Chocolate one. It's really good. Sometimes, this substitutes as one meal when I'm in a hurry and have no time to cook.

I'm a milk lover. Love drinking milk everyday, every morning. This is one of those chocolate drinks where you not only get a chocolate-y goodness but with the added Quaker Oats to make it a healthy, hearty drink on the go.

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Painting is a simple way to give your favorite rooms a facelift. But did you know that the color of your kitchen can affect your appetite? The color blue is a natural appetite suppressant, and studies show that people can eat up to 33% less food in a blue room. Grab a friend and a paint roller and apply a fresh coat of blue paint to your kitchen or dining room walls.

Bonus: Painting is a great arm toner for all those sleeveless tops and dresses!

- Dr. Oz

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Before goin' back to working out and starting where I left off (start of Month 2), I thought of resetting Insanity back to Day 1. What?! Well, you read the title right! I know, I know! I'm goin' to the more intense part, Month 2 but chickened out? My answer is no. My reason is simply because I have been in a "plateau" for a week or 2 after my knee felt sore from working out (I think it was due to bad cushioning of landing from jumping back down too hard). It wouldn't feel right seeing the 30-day guarantee but I keep on extending the days because of nonsense excuses. That isn't a guarantee anymore. Seems like I'm not serious even if I say I am. But it doesn't show in my actions. So here's how it'll go then. Since I really wanna do this and want to be healthy and in the best shape of my life, I will be starting Day 1 on June 1, 2011. Yes, there it is! I have a date, the 1st day of the next month! And I mean it this time around. I am determined and committed to do it no questions or second thoughts. But my Fit Tests for Month 1 won't change since it would be unfair for Month 2 if I redo it since I improved on my reps and that would alter the original fit test results. Before photos and body measurements will change dated as of the date I have mentioned (June 1). Diet is another struggle. For now, even if I won't be able to follow most meals in the Elite Nutrition Guide, I hope this time I'd do well in eating a healthier diet and to improvise with the food available on hand here at home due to budget restraints. So, who's with me? This is where it's at! This is real this time! Hope there won't be any obstacles again to make me go "plateau" and start digging deeper everyday! Healthy & fit lifestyle here we come! Let's go be in the best shape of our lives!

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2011 by Manilette Ann Fernandez

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